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This story begins in 1999, the year BGLIVE was founded by singer/songwriter Bryan Gonzalez. He was performing a shows on his own back then but had his mind set on larger venues. BG figured the best way to go about this journey was to form a band.  BG placed an ad in the local newspaper, "Auditions for a new band, looking for musicians to cover a large range of musical genres…" The calls came in and auditions were held for a couple of weeks in his backyard.

After weeks of careful consideration the first version of BGLIVE was created. Most of the music in his plans at the time centered on Latin music and because of this the band was originally named and known as Bryan Gonzalez & Grupo Milenio. The act quickly filled its calendar with performances in many public venues in and around S. Florida. Some of the original band members and even some venues remain in the BiG picture today.

As time went on, the selection of music began to expand even more to include more English tunes which eventually led to a repertoire of music that is generally a even mix of both English & Spanish. After incorporating more English music into the selection the band dropped the Grupo Milenio name for many years and remained The Bryan Gonzalez Band or Bryan Gonzalez & His Band. The seamless transition between different styles and bilingual flavor has been a huge part of BGLIVE success along with their exceptionally high quality professional performances.

As time went on BG began to incorporate more and more professional international working artist and musicians into his lineup. The next step of course was only logical, BGLIVE had to be created. Today BiG lives up to it's name by delivering the very best that live music has to offer. BGLIVE is the example of what a band that plays such a variety of covers should sound like. And that is why when you hear BGLIVE you will agree that "Great Music Never Sounded So Goooood!!!"

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